D & D beginner campaign 29th Jan


You can also upgrade your experience to the ultimate adventurer package payable upon your first session.

This upgrade will cost an extra £30 and gets you a free snack with each session, a free cold drink and bottomless tea & coffee, a set of awesome dice to play with and an official character sheet pack!

(If not ordered ahead of time the items may not be available on the day of the event)

*Bottomless tea and coffe include English breakfast tea, Americano & Flat white.
Candlekeep attracts scholars like a flame attracts moths. Historians, sages, and other seekers of knowledge flock to this library fortress for one reason: its vast collection of books. But great books hide their secrets well and I wonder what you may find exploring the majestic library. Maybe the key to extended life, or maybe you will uncover the dark secrets held within this ancient library.
Upgrade on the night for £3 for ALL hot drinks to be included! Mochas, syrups & cream for only £3

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We will be embarking in a new adventure this year. So brave the weather whether this is your first or maybe also last quest!

The campaign will start Saturday 29th January 2pm – 6pm and run for 3 weekly session.

Entry to this event gets your 3 afternoons of fun. Our talented and experienced DM will guide you through the whole process from character creation to what to roll and when.

You will also get a custom Geek Retreat dice tray for the event!*

You do not need any experience, any knowledge or even any dice.

You can simply turn up and get lost in to this fantastic fantasy experience!

*The dice tray may not be available for the first session depending on availability but will be provided before the end of the campaign at the latest.



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